Beijing Joy Pictures Co., Ltd was established in January 2014. It was strategically upgraded to an integrated film publicity platform with distribution as its core in 2016 from the leading film marketing company in domestic, and then became the domestic private distribution company with highest box office of imported films in 2018. Joy Pictures created the fastest development speed and growth scale of domestic film and television industry. At present, Joy Pictures is starting the third strategic upgrade and committed to the leading operator of global entertainment content and products. The existing Joy Pictures not only covers multiple business segments including promotion, distribution, materials, music, business, etc, but also has established many independent subsidiaries such as Joy sounds, XunHuanBoFang and Joy Education with a staff size of nearly 200 people. In August 2018, Joy Entertainment was incorporated, which led Joy Pictures up to a new stage of film industry plus cultural tourism dual-plate parallel system.

In 2014, Joy Pictures promoted film One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes in full case, the film has created a box office miracle of domestic adult animation films with a box office of nearly 120 million. During the summer holiday and New Year film season, Joy Pictures provided full case promotion services for The Pancake Man and Mr. Six, The two films were both successful in the box office and public praise, and became the annual phenomenal films. So far, Joy Pictures has successfully entered the first camp of film and television publicity industry. In 2016, Joy Pictures built a distribution team, the first promotion and distribution integrated project A Chinese Odyssey 3 achieved 360 million box office, Joy sound, a comprehensive agency focusing on film and television music production, entertainment marketing and artist agent, was also established in this year.  the business segments have been improved consistently. In the early 2017, Joy Pictures introduced the oscar hot film La La Land, which got nearly 250 million box office on the mainland, later, Joy Pictures promoted and distributed One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes 2, Justice League, Wonder Woman and other hot films, funded and produced Detective Chinatown 2, it earned 3.397 billion yuan at the box office during the 2018 Spring Festival holiday, In 2017, Loop Playback, a subsidiary company focusing on short video creation was established, and the business segment was gradually improved. In 2018, Joy Pictures participated in the promotion of domestic and foreign great films such as Wonder, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Isle of Dogs, How Long Will I Love U, Sultan, Flavors of Youth, etc, and achieved a good box office, the total box office of the project in this year reached 4.882 billion yuan, accounting for 8% of the country's total box office, The box office of imported films accounted for 2.5% of the annual total box office of imported films; Joy Entertainment was established in 2018, Joy has entered a new stage with film and entertainment in parallel. In 2019, Joy invested, promoted and distributed animation films White Snake and The Legend of Hei, the box office ranked second and third respectively of domestic animation films in 2019, and also participated in the investment of Japanese animation films for the first time. Joy Pictures has taken a major step in the animation industry.

Established in 2014
with a staff size of nearly 200 people
promoted, released and invested 100 films
Global distribution of theatrical films

distribution agent of high-quality domestic and imported films in mainland China, Hong Kong, North America, Japan, South Korea, India and other countries and regions;

Domestic films investment

develop and invest high-quality domestic films, and provide collaboration of distribution and promotion for films;

Investment and introduction of overseas films

invest and introduce high-quality films developed by the world's top production teams

Film promotion marketing

Provide full case promotion and marketing services for the films;

Material design and production

Tailor movie trailers, posters, footages, MV, documentaries and other traditional promotion materials for the project, and promote them through corresponding channels;

MCN business

With high-quality short video content in the vertical field as the core, and Sina Weibo and WeChat as the main carriers, it incubates and operates the large-size matrix of new media, and provides services for films or brand owners in other industry.

Production and promotion of film and television music

Tailor theme and promotion music for film and television, and provide music marketing service;

Joint school-running with universities and colleges

Running schools with colleges and universities in specific majors of film and television, and provide internship bases and employment training for college students.

Film cooperationBusiness cooperationMedia cooperationAPP cooperation