Interview with Joy Pictures CEO Zhang Jin: Bajrangi Bhaijaan will break through the film market with 200 million. Who is the mainstream audience?

It has to be said that choosing to operate Bajrangi Bhaijaan is an adventurous choice. Zhang Jin, CEO of Joy Pictures, has had many previous experience in the operation of film batches, which has been successful or low at the box office, but has a deep experience and understanding of the audience market to watch the films. Zhang Jin, however, insists that he is not a film company, but is still located in publicity and distribution Company.


As an Indian film two years ago, there seems to be a lack of innate "advantages". Commercial considerations, as Zhang Jin said, if there is no well-known people such as Aamir Khan in the domestic, it is difficult to carry out publicity, which is also a problem that many small language films will encounter. But Bajrangi Bhaijaan was "recommended" by the Indian king. Aamir Khan watched it with tears and thought the film should never be stop showing.


Sitting in the office for an interview, Zhang Jin's tone was low and steady, and there was not much emotional expression. It was his perceptual decision, not a meeting with the team, no discussion, just because of the impact of crying on the small screen on the plane two years ago. At that time, the domestic has not yet ushered in Dangal such a popular style, the prospect is not clear, Zhang Jin at that time did not know about the specific situation of copyright." Later, through the phenomenon-level effect of Dangal, he contacted Peacock Mountain, which has more Indian resources, was further fulfilled.

As a rookie in the industry, Zhang Jin admitted that in the world of competing for high-quality content, the Joy's choice of entry is to cultivate non-standard products under the current large IP production content pattern, the so-called non-standard products are aimed at those non-head, small size but can have word-of-mouth movies. The arrival of the diversified market, Zhang Jin, feels that it depends on how many non-head creators there are in China and can be provided with good conditions to support the completion of content creation.

The film market is like an era of upheaval, and audience growth exceeds the expectations of the industry. And all this can only go deep into it, with the growth, change, foothold, will radiate infinite vitality and space. And the study of audience has increasingly become an indispensable part of the film industry, good publicity has also become a part of industrial creation.

The change is also happening to Indian filmmaker Aamir Khan. The box office of Dangal in China double that of North American and India, Secret Superstar produced and starred by him took the initiative to limit the length of the film to 150 minutes to suit the viewing habits of the audience at the time of its release in China.


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The source of the change in the market comes from the audience, who is roughly divided into three types--heavy fans, audiences with fixed movie consumption habits, and low frequency audience consumers.

Cinehello: What do you think has changed in the current batch market? When it comes to the rise of small language films, such as last year's Thai film, Bad Genius. Actually, you did some last year. How did these changes happen? What interesting changes do you think have happened?

Zhang Jin: The overall change still comes from the source, the source is the audience. Whether intentionally or unwittingly, some companies, including us, have introduced a large number of different types of overseas films, diversified and multilingual. In fact, domestic films are also doing a lot of attempts, perhaps domestic films are relatively slow, the cycle is longer, the introduction is relatively fast.

Therefore, whether intentionally or unintentionally, in this case, it is actually to help the audience and speed up the pace of maturity. Their watching habits, watching aesthetic, whether it is the type of subject matter or quality judgment, this mature speed, in fact, run very fast, including our industry, whether it is system, or publicity, or distribution, everyone's expectations are faster. This acceleration has led to more films in different languages and different types of subjects occasionally encountered an opportunity in China.

But this kind of thing, in fact, at the beginning, is still groping. In the future, it will slowly be found that when the audience has fully matured, the trend of diversification will be very obvious.


Cinehello: For example, Joy Pictures started as publicity and distribution, but in fact, you have your own research on the market of the Chinese audience. What do you think of Joy's judgment of the Chinese audience now? What are the types of audience in the market now? For example, when you doBajrangi Bhaijaan, which people do you focus on?

Zhang Jin: That's a good question. First of all, we start from the marketing, in fact, there is a feature, the number of our projects is very large. You can see the number of projects we participate in, which may be several times that of many other companies, so we actually have high frequency of contact with the market. Strictly speaking, we should be regarded as a company with a better understanding of the market.

Even in this case, we still find that the audience is changing much faster than we expected, which is the first prerequisite. Second, this change can be divided into many different groups of people.


Cinehello: Yes, the content is subdivided now.

Zhang Jin: First of all, we can understand it as a fan class. What are these people's habit of watching, or the state of watching? They really went into the cinema to see the movie they wanted to see. These people are the most mature group of people, they want to see what they want to see, the film's main creation, theme, lineup, or its quality, it will have a very accurate judgment.

Cinehello: Can we say that they have their own tastes?

Zhang Jin: In this way, like other consumption we say, it is rational consumption, not public consumption, nor is it non-selective, it is very selective. These people, whether we call them fans or heavy audiences, are the core group of film audiences. Loyalty is the highest, the only purpose of walking into the cinema is to watch movies.

Cinehello: The consumption ability of these people may be in the middle class in the city.

Zhang Jin: Mainly. These people are the easiest people to do marketing. In the simplest way, you can communicate with them, such as a trailer, with all the creative, subject matter, content, introduction, enough, nothing is needed.

cinehello: For example, where would this kind of audience like this receive the message?

Zhang Jin: After so many tests, we found that they were only on one platform, that is the movie vertical ticket buying platform and the media.

cinehello: And?

Zhang Jin: The second group, perhaps we say, is relatively high frequency of watching the film, these people are interested in the film, but its demand for watching the film is not entirely, with his request to enter the cinema, is not entirely to see this film. He is likely because I want to ask out my girlfriend today, or because I have a leisure time today, I choose to go to a mall, go shopping, eat, watch movies, and do it together. But in this, there is a B option is to watch movies, it is a consumer habit. These people, for this kind of screening or selectivity of the film itself, are not so strong, either rational, or subjective.

cinehello: The conformity is great

Zhang Jin: Yes, he will watch, this period which score is high, which public praise is better, probably what kind of nature, is a family, ok. Or a love movie, yes. He may have some knowledge of types, but he is also limited to some types. Second, he has more other demands, packed together and went to the cinema.

Cinehello: Like blockbusters, they focus on this kind of people, right?

Zhang Jin: Yes.

cinehello: For example, like the current Operation Red Sea, it is all this type.

Zhang Jin: Moderate and severe people, in fact, some of them will gradually divert to upside, go to the heavy and fans of that group.


cinehello: What about their consumption ability? Are they in the middle class, too?

Zhang Jin: This is going to be wider. In fact, it is not difficult to watch movies more than ten times a year. They do not need the middle class. Ordinary residents of a city can afford it. So in fact, it is not because of income, but because of consumption habits and consumption ideas, entertainment consumption in his overall consumption in the proportion of the habit. It also has something to do with the city. Changsha, for example, belongs to a city with heavy entertainment consumption. Perhaps its entertainment consumption accounts for a high proportion of his personal consumption, these people are the second group of people. This kind of group is more difficult to catch. In fact, the first is more scattered, the second purpose of watching the film is not so pure. The third contact with the information is not early, he will not pay attention to this information so early.

cinehello: Not so sensitive.

Zhang Jin: It may be the last week, or even the last three days, before he makes a movie decision. Even after everyone saw the first wave, he looked at public comments, if good, he made up a ticket, this is a group of people.

So for this group, the base of a particularly wide audience, we in the domestic film, this part of the proportion of people is far greater than the first part of the population. In this case, that is why we do marketing publicity in our country, in fact, the action is very complex, the means are particularly diversified, the channels are also very complex and diversified, very scattered, but also need to do multiple rounds of communication. To cover more channels, many times it is not accurate enough.


cinehello: And?

Zhang Jin: The third group, perhaps a group of people who watch fewer movies, is reflected in Wolf Warriors 2, Dangal, The Ex-file 3 and other phenomenon topic films. 


cinehello: You mean, if a movie can end up as a topic blockbuster, it needs the support of this group of people, right?

Zhang Jin: Right. In fact, in the early days, they accounted for a bigger proportion. For example, in the past few years, we will see this kind of film similar to variety adaptation. Why is anyone watching it?

The audience of the film will not watch it. Mature film market audience will not watch this kind of film, must be his hot topic at that time, this thing proved that in those days, he could have such a large box office, prove how immature the Chinese audience is.


Excavate and serve the heavy audience, they are the most loyal consumer group, the market needs regular people.

cinehello: What other types of films will be introduced in the future? What types do you want to do?

Zhang Jin: In fact, it is already very obvious this year, in this part, especially in the introduction of the film, we are actually more focused on serving the head group, that is, the most severe group we call it, the influential group. This must be our main direction now.

Because in my opinion, only this part of the crowd, he is not easy to be separated. We have been saying that a lot of other things, shunt the film crowd, including games, short videos, online dramas, are diverting the film crowd. But this part of the population will not be diverted. If he wants to see a movie, he will still watch it. Even if he still plays games and watches online dramas, the movie will still have to be seen, and it will not be because I do not go shopping today, so I will not watch a movie or watch a movie.

So this part of the population, I think, is the most loyal consumer group. And their number is still increasing, slow as it is, but it continues to grow. In addition, to communicate with them in marketing, there is no need to think about a lot of things that do not know if there is any effect, I just need to give accurate information, very honest communication.

We think that the people who can really end up feeding back to China's own film industry, including the scoring system that will form the mainstream in the future, will be dominated by this group of people. This is what we call the most loyal film consumer, and it will be the most important group in our entire film industry.

Cinehello: This discovery is your personal judgment of the market, isn't it?

Zhang Jin: Yeah, my own judgment, even if it's small. It's like we have a type that is safer in China, and it's safer to invest, that is, thrillers, because the crowd is fixed.

As long as you reach the basic standard quality, it has that income, so a lot of companies are made from thrillers, after a period of rapid development, because it is because that part of the population, in the early stage, there is no big risk, and this part of the population is very safe.

Including when making data, only this population, the data it brings is accurate, the conversion rate will be better. Or this group of people's consumption behavior, consumption habits, there are laws to follow. If a market does it for a long time, we must find regular people.

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