The Legend of Hei updates 27 episodes in 7 years, the "slow" development of Chinese animation

After the preview of the movie version of the Legend of Hei, there was a lot of discussion on social networks, becoming one of the hottest events in the country recently.


The number of movie trailers broadcast on bilibili nearly a million times, Luo Xiaohei's official Weibo also has 100, 000 levels of mutual momentum, industry large-scale forwarding to help spread twice, so that Luo Xiaohei Weibo fans from 700000 to 800000.

"Luo Xiaohei" came out of the movie version, why is there such a big movement in the domestic animation circle?

In March 2011, "Luo Xiaohei" flash animation went online, harvest a group of loyal fans, the biggest feature is that the author MTJJ is constantly being "urged." In 2011-2017, only 27 episodes were updated for nearly seven years, with an average of five minutes each.


▲Luo Xiaohei Keyword Baidu Index 2011-2019

As a result, the movie version of the preview suddenly released, fans and national practitioners did not expect. How will MTJJ director expand Luo Xiaohei's story? How will Zhuo ran Film Industry operate this IP? from the aspects of propaganda, derivation, and so on, which is behind the film version?

Zhuoran Film CEO Zhang Jin told IP value Officer (ID:IP-Valuer) that it would help Luo Xiaohei make more "IP branding" attempts. "first of all, I hope that the film can amplify the value of Luo Xiaohei IP, let more people know the story behind the cat, so that more people have knowledge and recognition of it."

Then, "will try to in addition to the existing category, which industries, areas can play the greater value of this IP, such as clothing, offline experiential entertainment, real estate and other business forms to do IP empowerment."

Attract fans by animation, beyond social circle by memes and earn money by derivatives

Long before the movie version, Luo Xiaohei, the IP, was created and operated by the MTJJ team.

And "the team itself is not so commercial, more Buddhist," which is why only 27 episodes have been updated in seven years.

It can be said that this is also a talented and wayward team, even if the average of two or three months to update for five minutes, or with a unique style of painting, worldview in the national circle accumulated hundreds of thousands of loyal fans, Douban score as high as 9.5, bilibili score 9.8.




In addition to the five-minute animated version, over a seven-year period, the MTJJ team is also trying different forms of content, a certain range of circles.

For example, in 2015, the publication of books and picture books of the same name, in addition, the animation has identifiable images such as "Luo Xiaohei", "Bi Tuo" and other characters into emoji packages, which are disseminated on social software such as QQ and Wechat.


Therefore, Luo Xiaohei's fan circle layer, the inner layer is a loyal fan of cartoons, the outer layer is a large number of potential users who have used or seen Luo Xiaohei emoji.

Before the film version, the MTJJ team mainly relied on toys and other surrounding products to cash out and feed the team's content creation.

Prior to Luo Xiaohei's derivatives development and sales by the new third board enterprise "Beaver Dream City", becoming the latter's second largest IP, in addition to Beaver, according to the financial results, the annual annual sales revenue of Beaver Mengcheng derivatives is about 30 million yuan.



To sum up, the current situation of Luo Xiaohei's IP development is that the content is enough in style and attraction, but at the development level, only books, emojis, toys and other simple forms.

Two aims of film version: expand the audience, promote the story 

Zhang Jin believes that Luo Xiaohei IP content attractive enough, fans sticky enough, "content quality is excellent, IP itself has the potential." However, there are not many forms of development at present, which also shows that Luo Xiaohei IP still has a lot of market space to excavate.

Judging from the data performance of the first trailer of Luo Xiaohei's film version, Luo Xiaohei's own spontaneous transmission ability is very strong.

Zhang Jin said, "the trailer was not promoted at all, no money was spent, that is, on Weibo and bilibili, there was no top, no push, no big account, it attracted a lot of spontaneous forwarding of animation big accounts, half of the animation circle people are turning."



Investing in Luo Xiaohei film version, Zhang Jin's first phase of the goal is to amplify the value of Luo Xiaohei IP through the film.

First of all, for all potential audiences, including Guoman fans, emojis users and so on, to make them more aware of Luo Xiaohei's story and worldview composition, familiar with the new characters in the film.

"it is well known that Luo Xiaohei is in the meme, and the image itself is attractive and its advantages, but no one knows what its story is, so let more people know the story behind the cat through the movie."

Zhang Jin mentioned an interesting detail. The film version of Luo Xiaohei has been preparing for two or three years since 2016. in the process, as a producer, "there has been no rush, just like fans, to be good fans quietly. Don't easily change the author's habits and disrupt his rhythm."

The trailer mentions that the release date is "summer maybe 2019." In response, Zhang Jin said, "the director has given the date of completion of the production, this is a commercial principle, to abide by this commitment, so I dare say this year."

Commercial development of Luo Xiaohei IP


It is difficult to imagine that Luo Xiaohei can be associated with "commercial development". After all, even the most basic updates have kept fans waiting, often with irregular updates, not to mention the commercial development of the system.

Luo Xiaohei is such a kind of IP, author who focuses on content and invests less time in schedule and business. From the content point of view, this set up Luo Xiaohei's IP tonal, the key words are "lifetime series", "incomparable Buddha system"low-key but high-quality".

Content like this, from the early stages of Guoman, has accumulated a lot of low-key but quality content, but because of the lack of funds or system planning, a lot of content has stopped.



And like Luo Xiaohei, who can update at a frequency of two or three months, maintain the heat, and successfully launch the film version of Guoman IP, has taken a successful step.

Zhang Jin said that Joy and the MTJJ team have a strong complementarity and a clear division of labor. "Joy is a completely market-oriented company, while doing the commercialization and commercialization of Luo Xiaohei, it fully respects their judgment on the content."

In Luo Xiaohei's commercial development, "the premise is to conform to the spirit of the original work in terms of tonality." The original is a Buddhist, low-key series, commercial development will also be done according to this temperament, will not be particularly exaggerated. "

In terms of category, in addition to the existing toys, Zhang Jin plans to focus on the development of areas including "offline experiential entertainment projects, real estate."




At present, Joy has set up a special cultural travel company, aiming at IP content, research and development of landing products, and landing and marketing.  

Looking at the opportunities and pain points of Chinese Animation IP Development from Luo Xiaohei

Luo Xiaohei's path from animation to film is a representative case of Guoman IP development.

From the source of the content, it comes from the creativity of the author personally or in a small team. This approach can give full play to the author's creativity and build up initial fans with social networks.

But without a team that is proficient in marketing and strategy, it is difficult for the work to become a long-term sustainable IP. With the cooperation of capital and market, the transformation from Guoman IP to big movies, as well as other forms, can be made more smoothly, and the relative success rate will be higher.

When IP is transformed into each form and into each different form of industry, it is actually faced with a new kind of industry rules.

"team does not cross boundaries" is the biggest pain point in the process of IP transformation.

"take offline travel, for example, to land IP in the scene," Zhang said. "in fact, there are very few people who can do a good job in China."

IP cross-border, not only need to have downstream industry-specific knowledge structure and professional skills, but also understand IP content. "the difficulty is how to find the right IP, to turn IP into the right product, and there is a good form of expression."

"if you don't have a deep understanding of the plot, characters, and spiritual connotations, you just want to become a paradise, and in the end, it's just a layer of leather attached to the paradise. In this way, the author and copyright often do not agree. "

Take offline travel for example, whether it is light assets or heavy assets, if IP and landing products can not be organically combined, the results of market feedback will not be very good, in this regard, there are many cases of failure.

The combination of IP and derivative category has a lot of market space, but in order to get this cake, we must have enough knowledge reserve for IP and derivative category, and need cross-border compound talents.

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