After Nazha and Luo Xiaohei, domestic animation must sort out these problems in order to really break out.

This is the 19th day after the release of the animation film The Legend of Hei on September 7, 2019, after the Mid-Autumn Festival, hit by Zhu Xian I and the Last Wish, as well as the big IP Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire, which is also a two-dimensional animation film, the box office of the film is still rising steadily, and Mao Yan box office statistics have reached 289 million.


Film the Legend of Hei Poster

The box office of more than 200 million is bright enough for a two-dimensional animated film. As a famous IP, "Luo Xiaohei War" version of Douban has been evaluated by nearly 40, 000 people and maintained a high score of 9. 6. The animation, which premiered in 2011, has only updated 28 positive episodes and 4 episodes, with only 5 to 9 minutes each. But it relies on a complete world background, a smooth storyline, a diverse set of people and ubiquitous hidden eggs to nurture a group of loyal fans who are willing to wait for "the rest of their lives" to update, while the release of big movies of the same name allows viewers to spread out of the fan circle.


The score of film the Legend of Hei by September 25th on Douban


Domestic animation, especially non-primary-age animation, ushered in the long-anticipated spring in 2019. This year, although White Snake, as the beginning, did not cause too much spray in the audience for a variety of reasons, the promoter of White Snake did not regard it as a failure. White Snake is a 3D animation that conforms to the aesthetic and viewing habits of the ordinary audience. It is a traditional story and traditional IP,. It is a popular commercial film. In contrast, The Legend of Hei is the author's film, from this dimension, because with the beginning of White Snake, has opened up the B and C side of the inherent understanding of animated films, and then 'Nacha' magnifies this effect, to 'Luo Xiaohei' is better, Joy Pictures CEO Zhang Jin told first Financial magazine that the company is also one of the propaganda and investors of The Legend of Hei Records.

NE ZHA is a breakthrough in the phenomenon of domestic animation, 22 days, 4 billion, become this year's domestic film a dose of no one thought of the heart needle. The fastest to break 100 million, the one-day box office broke 200 million, five days in a row to break a series of records, "Nacha" has overtaken M King:Hero is Back to become the most popular domestic animation in the history of Chinese films. Later, the author's film, Luo Xiaohei, also gained more than expected box office results after stepping out of the fan circle, becoming an unexpected 2D animation black horse in 2019.


NE ZHA achieved the phenomenal breakthrough of domestic animation


In this domestic animated film blowout year, everyone began to talk about the topic of "the rise of the domestic animation".

But for now, it seems that these successes are difficult to replicate. The more real situation is that domestic animation has been rising, but it has never really risen. 

As early as 2015, Enlight Media began to invest in several of the best animation film companies in the market, announcing the establishment of the animation group "Color Strip Film Industry", including the October culture of the original team of M King:Hero is Back and the production team of the 2016 popular animation "Big Fish begonia".

Unfortunately, most animated films continue to lose money after the sporadic fashion. In 2017, Light Media released two cartoons, "Grand Care" and "fireworks," with box office receipts of 88 million yuan and 79 million yuan, respectively. Despite the propaganda momentum that light is good at, it still does not cross the profit and loss line of 100 million. Wang Wei's pursuit of light animation also continued to operate dismal, "small door god" and "A Tang adventure" and other animations have not been returned. According to cat's eye data, the box office of domestic animated films fell by half from 2.4 billion yuan in 2016 to 1.4 billion yuan in 2017. The total box office of 34 domestic animated films in 2018 was 1.657 billion yuan, of which "bear infestation", which is aimed at young audiences, accounted for 605 million yuan, which reflects the fact that adult to animated films have not yet become the mainstream.

Compared with live-action movies, the production cycle of animated films is longer, especially in China, because of the imperfection of the industrial chain, the division of labor among the early companies, the production companies and the later special effects companies is not clear. In the process of breaking them up to the outsourcing team, they often rework many times because of uneven quality, and eventually lead to slow production-the production cycle of M King:Hero is Back is as long as four years, and the production cycle of "Nacha" is 5 years. The "big fish begonia" was only 10 years before it finally took shape.


"the return of the Great Holy Spirit" is the box office record holder of domestic animation before the birth of Nacha's magic child.

On the other hand, China has never been able to form a complete Disney style animation director training system. Jiaozi, director of Nacha, graduated from the School of Pharmacy of Huaxi Medical University and has never received professional training. The director of "Great Nursing Law" is also self-taught. In addition, the competition from the game industry has been leading to the loss of animation talents, compared with animation, the production of game interface is simpler, and the income is faster, the salary is high, this kind of treatment makes the choice animation industry professional personnel reduce, the animation work production capacity continues to be insufficient. For example, color bar houses maintain a maximum of 1 to 3 animated movies a year, and even one movie a year can't be produced in pursuit of light animation.

Popular style came out, wave after wave of hot money rushed in, but in the face of a long market empty window period, capital does not have this patience, hot money comes quickly and goes quickly, and the problems in all aspects of the industrial chain have never been solved.

M King:Hero is Back went through this cycle after the hit. At the time, it was easy for some famous animation companies to get an investment, but the price for the money was to make a quick film and face a lot of disputes over derivatives and sequel rights behind them. Also for this reason, M King:Hero is Back2 announced an indefinite delay, Tian Xiaopeng with his October culture began to start the creation of "deep sea".

For this situation, Zhuoran and other companies in the industry have a clear understanding, "there is no rise, fundamentally speaking, there are many elements for the real rise of an industry or an industry, one is the maturity of the market; the other is the maturity of the production link, the industrialization system and the standard; the third is the maturity of business rules; and the fourth is the great affluence of talents," Zhang said. 

For them, the biggest value of the three animated films this year is to break through the bottleneck at the market end and give the domestic animated film market an important opportunity to develop in the direction of maturity. 

A good phenomenon is that after two years of hot money withdrawal and company reshuffle, the resources in the industry began to concentrate to high-quality content producers, the mentality of production and distribution companies is also changing, the investment of animated films is gradually oriented to a long-term logic, compared with the specific profits and benefits of the box office, the growth of excellent works and teams has received more attention. In addition, from the most exciting part of animation investment in 2015, after four years of animation production cycle, the next work of the outstanding animation directors who have been excavated by capital will also be on the market. Perhaps domestic animation will have the next wave, but the improvement of the industrial chain requires more efforts in the industry.

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After Nazha and Luo Xiaohei, domestic animation must sort out these problems in order to really break out.