Directed by: Chris Columbus  | Written by: Tim Herlihy, Timothy Dowling and Patrick Jean


One day in the 21st century, mysterious aliens suddenly invaded the earth. It is strange that the aliens all appear in the same pixel video game images that were popular in the 1980s, and all the objects and humans they touch are pixelated. Will Cooper (Kevin James), current President of the United States, is deeply aware of the serious situation, so he hurriedly makes a call to his playmate Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler) who was very good at arcade game. Guided by another friend called Ludlow Limentieff (Josh Gad), they seem to know the real identity of the aliens. Invasion comes one after another. This group of big boys find the former enemy Eddie Plant (Peter Dinklage), and they together carried out a 3D pixel battle with the aliens disguised as a game


The earth is in deadly danger, and it's not an easy game to play...

Site of Pixel Electronic Music Party: TANGO Club

“Lovely Coser Mario Cheers for the Classic Pixel Game on the spot, at the Theme Electronic Music Party, Let’s Salute to the Childhood Memory”

Thousands of people play the first Family Computer Game in Beijing. Let’s get high by “Watching the Film and Playing Games”.

Video Materials

September 11, 2015  Pixels Electronic Music Game Party Collection