Mojin -The Lost Legend

Directed by: Wuershan  | Written by: Zhang Jialu and Zhang Muye


In the late 1980s, Hu Bayi (Chen Kun), Wang Kaixuan (Huang Bo) and Shirley Yang (Shu Qi) were going to give up the old business in the United States; the originally all-powerful Touching Gold captain became a street hawker and was chased after the Immigration Office. At this moment, he accidentally found his first lover Ding Sitian (Angelababy), who should have died on the grassland 20 years before, might be still alive. Therefore, Hu Bayi, Wang Kaixuan and Shirley Yang decided to enter the millennium tomb on the grassland ...

 “Escape Password Hidden in the Lost Secret Room, Represent the Touching Gold Style through Interactive Exploration”

Cinemas: Jinniu Wanda Cinema in Chengdu, Pacific Studios in Chengdu, Baiyun Wanda Cinema in Guangzhou, Lijia Village Wanda Cinema in Xi’an, Hanjie Wanda Cinema in Wuhan, Jinshan Wanda Cinema in Shanghai, Olympic Sports Wanda Cinema in Shenyang, Xinjiekou International Cinema in Nanjing, OSGH Wanda Cinema in Shenzhen, Oscar Cinema in Zhengzhou, SAGA Cinema in Hangzhou, Jiangbei UME Cinema in Chongqing

It covers 12 cinemas in 11 cities, including Wanda and UME, with an average of 300 people directly participating in the interaction per cinema per day and attracting over 3000 to follow people per day