Mr. Six

Directed by: Guang Hu  |  Written by: Guan Hu and Dong Runnian


 In Beijing dialect, “Laopaor” specifically refers to an old hoodlum who goes for a walk with birds in a cage without anything to do.

 Mr. Six (Feng Xiaogang) was one of the old hoodlums running wild in old Beijing, and now live a carefree and contented life now. However, unexpectedly, his son Xiaobo (Li Yifeng) was involved in a dispute with Xiao Fei (Wu Yifan). Mr. Six tried to settle the dispute, and asked his old friends Men Sanr (Zhang Hanyu), Hua Xia Zi (Xu Qing), Ding Zhaor (Liu Ye) for help. However, he found that there had been new “deciders”, and that his status had been shaken and the old lifestyle had been gradually abandoned by the times. Lian Po is old, but can it still eat a lot?

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