Mr. High Heels

Directed by: Lu Ke  |  Written by: Jin Yimeng, Yang Zhe and Xin Fei


Hang Yuan (Du Jiang), an indoorsman game designer, has secretly been in love with Li Ruoxin (Xue Kaiqi), a talented girl in the same school, since childhood. But, every time he wanted to bare his heart, she had started new relationships with others. In the last relationship, Li Ruoxin was betrayed by her fiance, as a result of which, she no longer believed in men, and went closer and closer with her bestie Sammi (Li Yuan). Hang Yuan suddenly felt utterly disheartened, but his good friend Lin Sensen (Chen Xuedong), a second-generation rich person, proposed that he should have a last try, trying to get close to Ruoxin and court her. By accident, Hang Yuan became an online celebrity, really having a good time. However, before long, Ruo Xin saw through their scheme quickly. How should he repair the damaged relationship with Ruoxin and become a couple successfully?

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