Bounty Hunters

Directed by: Terra Shin   | Written by: Edmond Wong and Kyu-Wan Kim


Li Shan (Min-ho Lee) and A Yo (Wallace Chung) were once Interpol together, but later, they were dismissed together because of task failure and became private bodyguards. In a seemingly ordinary bombing, they come face to face with a bounty trio consisting of Ling Xin (Tang Yan), Swan (Wu Qianyu) and Bao Bao (Fan Shaohuang). After a period of conflicts and competitions, they formed a special team to hunt down criminals and maintain social peace. After experiencing successive breathtaking mission, they, relying on respective skills, succeeded defeating a serial terrorist attack and caught the evil backstage manipulator.

  From April 1, 2016 to the middle of July, 2016, the three-month marketing and publicity service on both traditional and new media for the film Bounty Hunters was completed. Through the accurate analysis of the characteristics of the film and the audience, the film was positioned as "the first Chinese funny action blockbuster in summer". Centering on this, we developed a detailed all-material release strategy, pioneered the cross-industry release date fixing form and supermarket roadshow and other events, and created hot topics to promote the film. The new media closely follow the latest trends of the film, accurately conveying the relaxing and funny, flirty, cool and handsome tone to the viewers and constantly fermenting the WOM. It became the first Chinese film whose box-office revenues exceeded 200 million yuan in summer.


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