A Chinese Odyssey: Part III

Directed by: Jeffrey Lau | Written by: Jeffrey Lau


In A Chinese Odyssey Part Two - Cinderella, Zi Xia (Tang Yan) who was killed by Bull Demon King with a fork, will see this ending in advance through the Pandora’s Box. In order to avoid the tragedy, she chose to return to the past, letting Zhizunbao (Han Geng) not falling in love with her. Zhizunbao met Bai Jingjing (Karen Mok) who had been waiting for him. The story among them will be performed for the last time.

The publicity for the film A Chinese Odyssey: Part III started in the mid-July, 2015. During this period, we did a lot of preparation work, from the preparation and planning of materials to the adjustment of the publicity plan, trying to exert the maximum publicity influence in the shortest time. The publicity lasted until the release of the film and ended on October 7, 2016. Joy Pictures made planning and production based on the characteristics of the film, made topics for the film, closely followed the latest trend of the film so as to arouse the attention and discussion of all people, and transformed it into news to be broadcast on traditional media, so as to present a complete and true A Chinese Odyssey to the viewers.

During the whole publicity period, we reasonably arranged the placement order of posters, trailers and other important materials. According to the release schedule of the film and the feedback from the viewers after watching, we made timely WOM and topic view guidance, coordinated the publicity of all parties and carefully implemented these measures. Through intensive publicity, the film A Chinese Odyssey: Part III has greatly increased its attention and produced good publicity effects within the limited time and objective factors.

The film A Chinese Odyssey: Part III released in Chinese Mainland on September 14, 2016 is a fantasy and romance film jointly produced by Spring Era Pictures, Yue Hua Entertainment and Starlighting, directed by Jeffrey Lau, starring Han Geng and Tang Yan, as well as Wu Jiing, Zhang Yao, Zhang Chao, Xie Nan, Wang Yibo, Huang Zheng, Karen Mok, Hu Jing, He Jiong, Gillian Chung, Cao Chengyan and Zhou Yixuan. The film mainly tells the love story of Zhizunbao and Zixi using the Pandora’s Box to change their fate. On September 14, in 4 hours after its release, various data about this film became red. The box-office revenues exceeded 40 million Yuan; the first-day attendance rate ranked first; the box-office revenues ranked first; the view counts ranked first; and average view counts ranked first; and it also rank first in the next-day pre-sale box-office revenue and film schedule. These results made it much better than other films, leading among the films released during the Mid-Autumn Festival. With the result of four consecutive championships in single-day box-office revenues, it became the greatest winner among the films released during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Video Materials

A Chinese Odyssey: Part III A Lifelong Love Feature  Han Geng and Tang Yan Continue the Story of A Chinese Odyssey

A Chinese Odyssey: Part III WOM Feature  Both Funny and Warm

Press Conference themed on A Lifelong Love

On July 28, 2016, the film held the press conference themed on A Lifelong Love in Beijing. Director Jeffrey Lau and leading actor Han Geng attended, and Lu Guanting - the original singer and composer of the song A Lifelong Love and his wife Tang Shuzhen - the lyricist also attended it.

The press conference came to one climax after another. The A Lifelong Love sung by Han Geng was disclosed for the first time. His plaintive voice with the film screens perfectly interpreted the unfortunate love between Zhizunbao and Zi Xia. Lu Guanting, the original singer of the song, sang the classic songs live, making the audience lost deep in memory. Listening to the original song after 20 years, the tone is still so broad and melodious, and the helplessness and frustration are well shown, making the audience lost deep in memory. It is really touching.