Suddenly Seventeen

Directed by: Zhang Mo  |  Written by: Zhang Mo, Zhang Hongyi, Zhang Ying, Zhai Du, and Tian Jin




  Liang Xia, 28 years old (Ni Ni) thought she would get married with her boyfriend Mao Liang (Huo Jianhua), with whom she had been in love for 10 years; and she has been making various preparations for their wedding ceremony, full of beautiful imaginations about their married life. Mao Liang's company is in the second round of financing, which not very smooth; and Liang Xia’s desire for marriage bring a great deal of pressure to Mao Liang.


One day, they attends the wedding ceremony of Bao Xiaoning (Ma Su), who is Liang Xia’s bosom female friend. Affected by the romantic atmosphere at the ceremony, Liang Xia forced Mao Liang to get married. However, Mao Liang unexpected proposed to break up, which led to Liang Xia’s collapse. An accident makes Liang Xia return to 17 years old mentally. At the moment, she, who is seemingly mature but childish mentally, meets Yan Yan (Wang Dalu).


We participated in the promotion and marketing of the film, and made overall strategies to promote the film according to the characteristics of the film and its short cycle. During the publicity, we focused on the theme of female direction (man, love) and warm direction (emotion, inspiration) of the film to resonate with the audience, serving as the foreshadowing before the release. Around the release of the film, we strengthened the WOM of the film by stages and themes, and selected very targeted channels for spreading, attracting attention again; and in combination with the cooperation of “Mo’s daughter” and “Mou’s Girls”, the topic of both Zhang Yimou’s and his daughter Zhang Mo’s released to celebrate the new year, we aroused discussions. In addition, in terms of media strategy, we laid more stress on deep cooperation between print media and new media, making topic and discussion topics, so as to further cover the film lovers and young viewers. With the efforts of all parties, this film obtain the box-office revenues of 129 million Yuan.