La La Land

Directed by: Damien Chazelle  | Written by: Damien Chazelle


        Mia (Emma Stone) desires to be an actress, but she's still an ordinary barista in a cafe at the filming site. Despite constant auditions, Mia failed. One day, in a party, Mia met a man named Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). They initially had a small conflict, but soon, Mia was attracted by Sebastian’s talent and his pure pursuit for Jazz. They finally got married.

  Encouraged by Sebastian, Mia quit her job at the cafe to concentrate on writing the script for herself. At the same time, Sebastian, to seek a steady income, joined a popular jazz band and began to play modern jazz, which he did not like. Unexpectedly, he became famous suddenly. As time went by, the distance between the two who worked hard to pursue their dreams was getting further and further. They have to make a choice between ideal and emotion.

The promotion for La La Land started in December 2016 and lasted until April 2017. Joy Pictures planned and produced materials according to the characteristics of the film, created topics to promote the film, closely followed the latest trends of the film and current hot topics to carry out in-depth planning, designed topics and produced content for dissemination on new media.

In terms of strategies, before the release, we avoided the limitation of musical film but focus on the love-direction content. At the same time, we synchronously penetrated the awards and reputation of the film at the B End and C End, penetrating to the general public and the third and fourth tiers. During the release, the main content expanded from "love" to "dream", and we used technical analysis, WOM matrix, and topic dispute to maintain the popularity of the film, taking a long-term publicity route. According to the feedback from the audience after the release of the film, we made timely WOM and topic view guidance, refined a new round of WOM for secondary dissemination, and held a number of new media activities to enhance the interaction and fan stickiness, and made full use of the power of fans to spread information.

 With the promotion, the film became the hottest and a hot topic for Valentine's Day and the first quarter of 2017.

(Released in China on February 14, 2017) La La Land, released on Valentine's Day of 2017, was introduced and promoted by Joy Pictures. It obtained the box-office revenues of 247 million yuan, becoming championship among all films released on Valentine's Day and breaking the box-office revenue record of romance and musical films in China.

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Press Conference of “Love Comes”

   On January 24, 2017, thePress Conference for the Premiere of "Love Comes" was held in Beijing. Ryan Gosling, a leading actor of La La Land, and Damien Chazelle, the director of the film, went to Beijing, showing their calligraphy talent on the spot. They learned and wrote “(meaning “love”)” on the spot, sending them to the audience. They together start the romantic countdown of “520” hours before the release.