One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes II

Directed by: Henry Lu and Jill Lee   |  Written by: Henry Lu, Jill Lee, Han Wu, Sui Jialin, Gao Xinying and Zhao Cong


  The Creator’s Scepter that has a powerful force rod is stolen by the Egyptian God Ra (voice: Li Lu), one of four great gods. In order to save the universe from the tragic fate of destruction, the Greek god Zeus (voice: Teng Xin) sent his daughter Athena (voice: Shuang Wang) to track the whereabouts of the Scepter.

 Little Jin’gang (voice: Huang Zhenji) is an ordinary teenager that has grown in orphanage since childhood. For years, he has earned his living by cheating and stealing with a clever mind, with the only hope that his playmate Xiao Qing (voice: C Minor), which is seriously ill, could recover one day. Accidentally, Little Jin’gang got possession of a treasure map showing the whereabouts of the Scepter, and later, he was attacked by Thor God of Thunder (Jill Lee). In the scramble, the treasure map was destroyed. As a result, Little Jin’gang became the only ordinary people knowing where the Scepter was. Then, Jin’gang, Athena, Thor and Off-line Achelous (Hao Xianghai) from the Orient started their journey to look for the Creator’s Scepter.

From May 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017, multidimensional marketing services for One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes II were carried out on the traditional media and new media, including full-scheme publicity marketing, distribution joint marketing, musical promotion song marketing and MCN short-video material marketing. Through the accurate analysis of the characteristics of the film and the audience, the film was positioned as "a new national comedy". Centering on this and in combination with its cartoon properties, we developed a detailed all-material release strategy, closely followed the latest publicity trends of the film, accurately conveying the film’s characteristics of having many comical lines, rich imaginations and enough punchlines. With Time Chicken and Thor Dog - two the famous animation images, we created a series of marketing hot landing events to promote the film, including releasing data fixing at Cannes Film Festival in France, Shanghai Dog and Chicken Party, San Diego Comic-Con in the USA, and Coolness in Summer. At the same time, the film theme promotional songs produced by Joy Sounds -- the RAP version of Alibaba by Sun Bayi and Song of the River God by Dai Quan have achieved excellent promotion results. In addition, the 100 short videos produced by Loop Playback contribute to the continuous increase in the popularity of the film, creating the "first comical film in the summer of 2017".

       The film One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes II has gained greater recognition and won fans' approval. The film earned a total box-office revenue of 55.473 million yuan in its first three days of release, with a rating of 8.7 on and 7.7 on; in its first eight days of release, its box-office revenues exceeded 100 million yuan, and it was hot for 1 month, cumulatively earning box-office revenues of 130 million yuan. With good results in both WOM and box-office revenue, it is an adult comedy animation with the greatest recognition of the viewers in 2017.

Video Materials

One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes II Five-Year Youth Feature  The producers talk about their experiences

One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes II Street Interviews

Premiere Press Conference

ThePress Conference for the Premiere of China's new comedy One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes II was held in Beijing on August 18, 2017. The five-year-old animated IP has long been loved by the fans, who continues to pay more attention as posters and trailers for the second part of this blockbuster are revealed ahead of its release. On August 10, the preview screening of One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes II was held for the fans at CBD Wanda Cinema in Beijing, attracting hundreds of loyal fans.