One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes

Directed by: Jill Lee and Henry Lu   |  Written by: Henry Lu and Han Wu


In the sixth episode of the second season of the drama version One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes, after the hero without a name (voiced: A Jie) defeated New Blash, the earth suffered an unprecedented disaster due to the explosion of his ridicule energy. The story of the film begins from here. In the soul transfer station, the hero accidentally went to the mysterious "time between room". With the help of a mysterious character, the history that the earth was destroyed is re-written, and the hero returned to the past, becoming the hero to save the earth. However, something unexpected happened. The space and time chaos happened. Different two-dimensional figures from different dimensions came to the world of the hero. And the hero met Li Jing (voice: Bao Mu Zhong Yang) and Nezha (voice: Shuang Wang) in Chinese mythology, Snow White (Voice: Zhu Quecheng) and Pinocchio (Voice: Huang Zhenji) in fairy tales. In order to reverse the disordered space and time, they started the journey to save the earth again…