Sky Hunter

Directed by: Li Chen | Written by: Li Chen, Zhang Li, Liu Yi, Gao Yan and Chu Xiangyu


This is a hunting legend in the sky battle. Sky Hunter is a mysterious top air force team. Its every pilot is a "Gold Helm" ace pilot. Through rounds of examinations, Wu Di (Li Chen), Yali (Fan Bingbing), Ba Tu (Guo Mingyu) and Gao Yuan (Li Chenhao) became members of the Sky Hunter Base. However, unexpected, Wu Di’s good friend Haochen (Li Jiahang) was trapped into an overseas plot in the task. Greater threats came one after another. The sudden emergency missile crisis and hostage crisis from the terrorist forces unprecedentedly challenged the practical combat of Chinese Air Force. In such a case, the latest Chinese warplanes and the best pilots had a confrontation with the enemies with missile password and advanced warplanes in the overseas sky.

The promotion for the movie Sky Hunter started in July 2017 and lasted until October, 2017. By planning and producing the materials according to the characteristics of the film, Joy Pictures targets at military fans, soldiers, blockbuster lovers, war film lovers and family audiences. Based on the dynamic of the film, it continued to create topics to promote the film, and matched several in-depth plannings, to improve the discussion and attention of the film.

By focusing on the concept of "China's first blockbuster about modern air battle", we used the popularity of the main producer to spread the film information while providing de-entertaining guidance for the public opinion , thus consolidating the film positioning and increasing the discussion degree. In order to further expand the influence of the film, we invited the famous singer Lu Han to sing the theme song for the film, held road shows in 28 cities, and also held a press conference at the Aviation Museum, and the all-star premiere before the release. At the same time, with the joint promotion of hundreds of APPs, the discussion degree and attention of the film before and after the public show were among the best in the same schedule.

Video Materials

Sky Hunter Production Feature  A shocking “real” air battle is coming

Sky Hunter WOM Feature Displaying the elegant demeanour of soldiers and the pillars of a Great Power

Sky Hunter Director Feature  Li Chen admits his nervousness before the release of his maiden work

Press Conference 

A theme press conference themed on “Exciting Assembly, Protecting the Blue Sky” for China's first modern air battle film, Sky Hunter, was held at China Aviation Museum, and this film was directed by and starred Li Chen. The producers, Li Chen, Fan Bingbing, Wang Qianyuan, Li Jiahang, Zhao Da, Li Chenhao, Guo Mingyu, Ye Liu and Lu Siyu, all appeared in military uniform. They competed with each other about the professional knowledge and practical combat on the spot, displaying the elegant demeanor of Chinese soldiers.


The Premiere of Sky Hunter themed on “Exciting Campaign, Flying to Fight” was held in Beijing, and the film was directed by Li Chen and starred Li Chen, Fan Bingbing, Wang Qianyuan, Li Jiahang, Zhao Da, Li Chenhao, Guo Mingyu, Ye Liu and Lu Siyu, with Wu Xiubo as a special actor and Wang Xueqi as a guest actor. All the producers attended it and Wu Jing also appeared. The producers and the fans interacted with each other and shared the behind-the-scenes stories about the film creation in a warm atmosphere. 


After the premiere of Sky Hunter in Beijing on Sept 30, the actress Fan Bingbing started the roadshow in six cities across the country to promote the film's release, including Dalian, Hefei, Hangzhou, Jinan, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.