Directed by: Stephen Chbosky | Written by: Stephen Chbosky, Steve Conrad,Jack Thorne and R.J. Palacio


Augie (Jacob Tremblay) is a 10-year-old boy who, apart from wearing a giant space helmet, is just like any other child of his age. The helmet hides Augie's scarred face due to various operations, which not only perfectly hides Augie's fragility and self-abasement, but also successfully prevents the appearance of Augie from frightening other children.

Augie has never been to school, and all his cultural knowledge is taught at home by his mother, Isabel (Julia Roberts). However, Isabel gradually realized that the family classroom could not meet the growth needs of Augie. In addition to learning knowledge, Augie had to learn how to communicate with people other than the family. Despite her worries, Isabel sent Augie to a public school, where Augie would face the challenges he must overcome in his life.

The publicity of Wonder started on December 6, 2017 and lasted until the film's release, ending on February 14, 2018. Centering on the inspirational and touching points of the film, we carried out material production and topic diffusion, and focused on education, parent-child groups, star fans, fan groups and other diverse circles to create a three-dimensional matrix. Through recommendation by more than a thousand teachers in 6 cities, the vertical KOL coverage of "Youyang" platform for growht and education, ticket buying by fans, recommendation from stars and other forms, the film reached the core audience, forming a planned and phased diffusion.

Based on the WOM at home and abroad and discussions of the netizens after viewing the film, we conducted appropriate WOM guidance and refined the topics for secondary dissemination. Finally, after two and a half months of intensive publicity, it produced a good publicity effect and created a marketing "Wonder" of the reverse attack of the rare theme with a box-office revenue of 190 million yuan. In addition, the film marketing case under the cooperation between the film and Youyang won the 2018 ADMEN international award -- Practical Gold Case Award for Integrated Marketing, which is known as the "Nobel Prize in Advertising".


The premiere of Wonder was held in Beijing on February 14, 2018. Both the director Stephen Chbosky  and the leading actor Jacob Tremblay attended the premiere. Besides, Tang Hong, as a promotion ambassador in China also appeared at the site to cheer for the film.