Isle of Dogs

Directed by: Wes Anderson | Written by: Wes Anderson, Roman Coppola, Jason Schwartzman and Kunichi Nomura


The story takes place in the future. The epidemic of canine influenza has forced the mayor (voice: Kunichi Nomura) to enact a canine exile act that puts all dogs in the city on "Garbage Island," leaving them there without outside interference. The guard dog Spots in the mayor's house (voice: Liev Schreiber) was one of the first dogs to be put on the island. In this way, the dogs that had been kept at home were turned into stray dogs looking for food in the garbage.  

Chief (Voice: Bryan Cranston), Rex (voice: Edward Norton), Boss (voice: Bill Murray), Duke (Voice: Jeff Goldblum) and King (voice: Bob Balaban) are five stray dogs on the island, and they are often together. One day, the mayor's adopted son Atari (voice: Koyu Rankin) suddenly piloted the plane to land on the island, and he wanted to find his lifelong friend Spots here.

The latest stop-motion animated film Isle of Dogs directed by the famous director Wes Anderson, was released on April 20, 2018 for the first time, and this is the first work directed by Wes Anderson that was released in China. The publicity for Isle of Dogs started from March 2018 and lasted until May 2018, during which Joy Pictures made a comprehensive publicity planning and execution for the film. Considering the characteristics of the film, we positioned the target audience as director fans, those with screen art obsessive-compulsive disorder and dog owners. At the same time, from the the material preparation planning to the adjustment and following of the publicity plan, we tried to maximize the film publicity effect.

During the whole publicity period, the film Isle of Dogs featured "Never give up, Live up to the expectations of dogs”. Centering on the "Play Theme" - watching dog film in the Year of the Dog,chasing hot films about dogs by all and praise for "diamond-quality" director as well as grand dubbing cast, we carried out the publicity and promotion. The film materials are close to the content of the film. We closely followed the film dynamics to make in-depth planning, created topics to promote the film, and attracted the fans, dog lovers and young women through the release of materials, inventory and interpretation, designed and made content for dissemination on traditional media and new media. For the dubbing of the Chinese version, Zhu Yawen and Song Jia were invited. After intensive publicity,  film Isle of Dogs has attracted much more attention, and produced good publicity effect.

Video Materials

The trailer release date of Isle of Dogs is fixed  A little boy starts its wonderful journey to look for his dog

Final trailer of Isle of Dogs  “Dream Maker” Wes Anderson Returns with “Dogs”

Jin Zhiwen’s Who am I (Film Promotion Song of Isle of Dogs)

Isle of Dogs Live up to Expectations of Dogs MV  Jiang Dunhao Emotionally Displays the Relationship between Man and Dog

Isle of Dogs is Released Today  Zhu Yawen’s and Song Jia’s Dubbing conquer the audience

Isle of Dogs “Creating the World” Production Feature   Produced by Wes Anderson

Isle of Dogs Animator Feature   Interpret the Wes’ world of lovely dogs with traditional techniques

Isle of Dogs Weather Feature   Make a vivid cartoon by an excellent team

Isle of Dogs “Saluting the Dogs” Production Feature  The way dogs and humans get along evokes thinking

Isle of Dogs WOM Feature   Wes Anderson presents the warmest man-dog relationship


Isle of Dogs released on April 31, 2018 is an animated film directed by Wes Anderson and it was wholly promoted by Joy Pictures. It's Wes Anderson's second stop-motion animated film in the Chinese Year of the Dog, nearly a decade after the release of Fantastic Mr Fox. The film was played at the Berlin Film Festival as an opening film and won the Best Director Award at the 68th Berlin Film Festival.


On April 21, 2018, the premiere of Isle of Dogs was held in Beijing, and Zhu Yawen and Song Jia appeared surprisingly. They are not only promotion ambassadors for the film in China, but also dubbers of the leading dogs in the film, "Chief" and "Nutmeg", respectively. The director Wes Anderson introduced this wonderful film about dogs to the audience through the VCR. I hope you can enjoy this movie and enjoy this unique adventure. Finally, the director showed his love to the audience with a finger heart.