Directed by: Ali Abbas Zafar  | Written by: Ali Abbas Zafar


Sultan, from a small town in northern India, met the daughter of a wrestling coach. For the girl he likes, Sultan not only began to learn wrestling, but also won the local championship in a short time, which shows his determination and talent. Not only was he married to this beautiful girl, but he also went to the Olympic Games with his wife on behalf of India. However, when Sudan won the Olympic gold medal, he lost his beloved family because of his pride and arrogance. The only way to win back his wife is to stand on his own stage.

Sultan is another work of "Indian Jackie Chan" Salman Khan after Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The publicity focuses on "man's choice between love and family - wrestling for love", and emphasized the image of high value of WOM and the emotional orientation of family affection. We fully laid and went into the general public channels, and cooperated with a number of emotional accounts and brands across the industry, and conducted in-depth new media communication through topics about film themes, actors and family affection, etc. Besides, we carried out cross-boundary cooperation with famous entertainer LIL EM to deepen the tough guy image of Sultan and improve the popularity of the film. Before the release of the film, a number of preview screenings were held for WOM fermentation in advance, achieving effective dissemination among the target audience.

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