Directed by: Alfonso Cuarón  | Written by: Alfonso Cuarón


Set in “Roma”, a middle-class neighborhood in Mexico City, the film tells a story about a young maid, Creo (Yalitza Aparicio), who works at the home of her employer, Sophia (Marina de Tavira). At this home, Sophia’s husband is away for a long time and the maid Creo takes care of Sophia’s four children. Unexpectedly two accidents happened to Creo and Sophia. How should they face the bitter and vacant life? Four children seemed to be their hope. The film is based on the childhood memories of director Alfonso Cuarón, who is actually one of the children in the film.

The film Roma was nominated for 10 awards at the 91st Oscar Academy Awards and won three awards for best director, best foreign language film and best cinematography. China was the only country to show the film widely.

During the award ceremony of Oscar Academy Awards, the promotion for the film was already underway. Before the release, we focused on the powerful status of the film with high gold content and the emotional orientation of the female epic and radiated the core audiences from the aspects of director, photography, composition and female emotion. At the same time, we cooperated with industry opinion leaders such as film big V and viewing group to carry out offline interactive activities and in-depth interpretation of the film, which achieved good WOM communication. After its release, through a series of interpretive new media pictures and interesting lottery activities, the film aroused the enthusiasm of fans to continue the popularity of the film, and finally received a high rating of 8.2 points on We chose to cooperate with the arts association, and thanks to the concerted efforts of all parties, Chinese movie fans have realized their long-cherished wish, and the film has become one of the most popular Oscar films in the Chinese Mainland film market in 2019.

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The trailer release date of the Film Roma is fixed, presenting the gentle and resolute power of the female

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