Flavor of Youth

Directed by: Li Haoling, Yi Xiaoxing and Yoshitaka Takeuch | Written by: Naruki Nagakawa, Li Haoling, Yi Xiaoxing and Yoshitaka Takeuch


Co-directed by Li Haoling, Yi Xiaoxing and Yoshitaka Takeuch, this film is composed of three warm and fresh stories, which tell the story of youth from four aspects - food, clothing, shelter and means of traveling. Li Haoling, the founder of dream-painting animation, presents a dust-laden “love story in Shanghai” between two growing up together in Shikumen, Shanghai. The “Fresh Rice Noodle” directed by Yi Xiaoxing sets in Beijing, telling the story between a young person drifting in Beijing and his grandmother living in the hometown. Yoshitaka Takeuch, who ever participated in the production of Your Name, describes the life of two sisters in Guangzhou who help each other through a “Small Fashion Show”.

Flavor of Youth is the first animated film funded by China and produced by a Japanese team. Centering on the basic necessities of life, with youth and memory as a clue, the film resonates with the audience of different ages. Before the release, the marketing focused on the feelings of youth, as well as in-depth cooperation with the two-dimensional audience on bilibili.com, so the film gained a lot of attention. Based on the film type, production team, dubbing, story and other aspects, we carried out  in-depth communication on new media in all aspects. “The Unknown Method to Eat Hometown Food” launched by Profartssor Yi Xiaoxing won nearly 400 thousand thumbs-up and ranked 5th in the search list of Douyin. At the same time, by promoting cross-industry cooperation, we made relevant information reach the target audience accurately. Before the release of the film, the number of people wanting to see the film on dianying.taobao.com reached 58,000, and that on Maoyan.com reached 46,000. After its release, the film and the Japanese embassy in China jointly held a China-Japan cultural exchange activity. Li Haoling - chief director of Flavor of Youth, Kawaguchi Noritaka - President of CoMix Wave Films, cultural counsellor Fukuda Kokan of the Japanese embassy in China, as well as Hayashida Yokai, the clerk of culture department of the embassy attended the exchange and communicated with the audience; and Mr. Sha Dan, Curator of China Film Archive and a senior film critic was also present to help the film publicity.

The promotion and distribution of the film is the first cooperation between Joy Pictures and the Nationwide Alliance of Arthouse Cinemas, and this is also the first time that an animated film has been selected by the Nationwide Alliance of Arthouse Cinemas.

Video Materials

Flavor of Youth Production Feature  The Japanese Team creates Chinese-style youth with care

Flavor of Youth Interlude MV    Cover Version by “Qi Inory”, a famous UPloader