The Composer

Directed by: Xirzat Yahup  | Written by: Zhang Suisui and Hajxia Tabazhek


The Composer was adopted from Xian Xinghai’s experience in Alma-Ata, which is to eulogize the great spirit of Xian Xinghai who had suffered in a foreign country but still cared about the motherland. During the war, Xian Xinghai concealed his identity in Kazakhstan, but never forgot to look for opportunities to return to his homeland. At the same time, in Yan’an, his music Yellow River Cantata encouraged people who were fighting hard, and inspired countless young people to fight for the motherland. In Alma-Ata, his musical talent led him to get acquainted with the local musician Baikdamov, and they established a deep friendship. It was his music that brought different peoples together to overcome difficulties. His work Armangeld is a result of such cultural interaction and tolerance, which has exerted a profound impact on the local people and laid a solid foundation for the development of the friendship between the two countries.

The Composer is the first film co-produced by China and Kazakhstan and it is the opening film of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival. Besides, it was included in the Film Channel Media Focus Unit of 2019 Shanghai International Film Festival. And the film co-starred Hu Jun, Yuan Quan, Aruzan Gazzobekova, Berik Aitzhanov and other Chinese and Kazakhstan actors.

The film focuses on the legendary life of Xian Xinghai, a people's musician, and the publicity is carried out from three perspectives in a progressive manner - "Well-known Sound", "Little-known Love", "Transboundary Home". Before the film was released, we focused on emotional marketing, evoking the memory about Xian Xinghai with the well-known melody of Yellow River Cantata. After the launch of preview screening and roadshow activities, the focus of the communication content turned to the emotional expression that transcends countries and touches people deeply. We had an in-depth cooperation with Douyin platform for placement of the film, and the content centers on  interpretation of various versions of Yellow River Cantata, the understanding of the actors on the role of Xian Xinghai, and the unanimous praise of the film by the chorus including children, the elderly and military friends. The total number of thumbs-up for the short videos published in the whole network exceeded 2 million. The total view counts of the topic “Defending Yellow River Sung by the Whole Nation” launched on Douyin reached 10.092 million. At the same time, Lang Lang, Fang Wenshan, Jiang Kun, Yin Xiumei and other masters in the entertainment industry have also voiced their support for the film. The initial rating of this film on is 9.1, and the recommendation level of MicroBlog Big V reached 92%. In a number of the theme films, it has gained a higher reputation and achieved a good WOM fermentation effect among the audience.


Video Materials

Many masters cheer for The Composer. Jiang Kun urges patriotic people to love Chinese films, too!

The behind-the-scenes feature of The Composer is released, telling the hidden story behind this film

The Composer, called “Tear Harvester” is released, with Ode to the Yellow River to sing of the heroes

Preview Screening