Loli Pop in Fantasy

Directed by: Lu Jinming and Zhong Yu   |  Written by: Wang Xiaoli


The blockbuster GG Bond V tells a story like this: There is a girl named Ji Xing, who has liked GG Bond since childhood. She has a conflict with her parents because of academic pressure. When she is sad, a map of GG Bond Dream World appeared in her room, bringing her to the dream work unexpectedly. In this Dream World, she meets GG Bond with superpowers who has disappeared. In order to send Ji Xiang back home, GG Bond and Ji Xiang starts their funny and thrilling adventure tour.

As an evergreen tree of domestic animation, GG Bond IP has long been known to numerous audiences, and the blockbuster GG Bond V will be released this summer. With the young children aged between 4 and 8 and their parents as the major audience, this film focuses on the viewing experience of “Dream World” and the idea of “Company of Love” during the release, resonating with children and parents. According to the audience feedback after the release of the film, we made timely WOM and topic view guidance, refined the new round of WOM for secondary publicity, and held a number of parent-child viewing activities and offline dummy parade activities to enhance the interaction and fan stickiness. In the early stage of film promotion, Li Zixuan, a new-generation singer, was chosen as the promotion ambassador of the film. Her sweet appearance and lovely voice is very consistent with the tune of the song. The promotional song A Better Me Every New Day once ranked NO.2 on the new song list.

In terms of publicity channels, we fully laid out the film in parent-child channels and children channels and made full use of its exposure advantages in TV stations. We have established in-depth online and offline cooperation with 7 top children's TV stations and key OTT, such as Youman Cartoon, Golden Eagle Cartoon, Ka ku Children, Jiaja Cartoon, Toonmax TV, Chongqing TV - Chhildren, Southern Children's Channel, jointly carrying out all-round precise marketing. At the same time, the film covers more than 700 KA channels, and cooperates with many famous brands such as Bliss Cake, Jiu Mao Jiu, Laidian Technology, Learning Power, Jinluo, etc., to carry out offline interactive activities, covering many fields such as eating, drinking and pleasure-seeking.

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The release date of Loli Pop in Fantasy is fixed on July 5, with different GG Bond returning

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Final trailer of Loli Pop in Fantasy is released, overturning people’s imagination with luxuriant scenes

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Loli Pop in Fantasy is released today, becoming hot this summer with a super-high WOM

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