White Snake

Directed by: Huang Jiakang and Zhao Ji | Written by: Damao


In a dim cave, White Snake (voice: Zhang Zhe) is cultivating herself hard but doesn’t know the right way. Seeing this, Xiaoqing removes the jade hair clasp from her bun and asks White Snake to hold it in her hand, and at this moment, her memory about things happening 500 years ago wakes up. 500 years ago, the emperor of the late Tang Dynasty was ignorant and mediocre. The State Preceptor who mastered witchcraft ruled the State absolutely and ordered the people to catch snakes for his cultivation. In order to save the population, White Snake ventured to assassinate the State Preceptor, only to be defeated and lose its memory. When she woke up again, finding herself saved by the village that catches snakes specially, and that timid but kind-hearted young man Xu Xuan (voice: Yang Tianxiang) attracted her attention. Meanwhile, the State Preceptor sent out the lackeys to search for the White Snake everywhere, and the snake people misunderstood White Snake defected, and thus sent killers one after another.

A marriage 500 years later was made as early as the troubled times…

White Snake earned total box-office revenues of 448 million Yuan, ranking fourth among the current non-infant Chinese animated films and second on the box-office revenue list of Chinese animated films in 2019. After M King: Hero is Back and Big Fish & Chinese Flowering Crabapple, White Snake is another milestone work in the Chinese film market, which shows that the non-infant Chinese animated film is not written in water but develops steadily.

White Snake is an adaptation from the classic IP of white snake, and the title of the film is intuitively the "White Snake". Therefore, in the early stage of the project, our publicity focused on IP association, and conveyed the basic story structure and the theme of fantasy and love to the audience through their cognition of IP, thus weakening the limitation of animated film.

In this stage, we integrated Halloween with cos activity under the theme line of the cinema, and connect the two-dimensional and three-dimensional audiences to land the IP elements. In the Cos activity, a photo of White Snake and Xiaoqing buying milk tea” attracted widespread attention of the public. Over 100 MicroBlog large Vs forwarded it, so it ranked 4th on the search list of MicroBlog in just several hours and stayed on the list for 16 hours. And within 24 hours, the hottest short video on Douyin won 500 thousand thumbs-up. The film also gained millions of exposure resources through this activity.

At the preview screening stage, small-scale preview screening activities were be held in 31 cities throughout the world before the release. It has received the highest rating among domestic animated films on ticket platform and Douban.com in 2019, with a favorable rating of more than 95%. Popular actors in the entertainment industry, such as Dilreba, Xu Zheng and Yue Yunpeng, posted blogs to show their support, triggering heated debate, followed by loyal fans and secondary works. And the secondary works occupied the list in the Chinese Work on bilibili.com, and there were 9 fan groups on qq, WeChat and MicroBlog, with a total number of about 7500 fans. The number is still increasing now.

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