SHAKUHACHI · One Sound One Life

Directed by: Helen Yu


By recording the life of Shakuhachi players, makers and learners in China, Japan, the USA and other places, this film witnesses people walking on the road of Shakuhachi; through their experience and reflection of different stages, it reflects the dilemma and hop of the ancient Shakuhachi at present, as well as everyone’s cognition and comprehension of life and world of every person.

Shakuhachi, a tubular instrument made from the roots of bamboo, gets its name because the tube is one foot eight inches long. Shakuhachi originated from China and spread to Japan during the Southern Song Dynasty, becoming a representative of traditional musical instruments of Japan. But in China, Shakuhachi was in decline. In the late 20th century, with the increase in cultural exchanges between China and Japan, Shakuhachi came back to the Chinese people.

SHAKUHACHI · One Sound One Life is one of the few transnational documentaries filmed and produced by a Chinese team. It has been praised by critics as the Best Documentary Film of the Year that "makes the world much softer", and has also been selected as the opening film of the "New Chinese Films" section of the 2019 Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival.

Since it is a documentary film with a very niche theme, we chose to dig deeply into its core of "Mirror Oneself from Others", and with this as the center, it covers the audience dominated by NARUTO fans, Blibili users, young groups and documentary lovers.

We conducted off-line roadshows in ten cities and several universities, and selected a number of platforms and media with literature and art enthusiasts as the core to organize several salons and screenings. The Tamashii Japanese Noodle Flash Mob themed on NARUTO was released on Douyin Platform, with the number of thumbs-up exceeding 500,000 within 2 hours and an estimated exposure rate of over 3 million.

Kinohachi, the planning and leading actor had a musical exchange with Lang Lang, the Prince of Piano, which was highly publicized in 24 hours, with 2.4 million video views.

It was shortlisted for the 2019 Asian Film Festival, and was reported by CCTV's Morning News.

Video Materials

The release data of SHAKUHACHI · One Sound One Life directed by Helen Yu is fixed on May 31, which is publicized with both posters and trailers

Final trailer of SHAKUHACHI · One Sound One Life, presenting the belief of being devoted to my beloved and leading a life I like.

The theme song TV with the same name of SHAKUHACHI · One Sound One Life is released, which is a work of NARUTO’s accompanying music master

The WOM video “Leading a life I like” about SHAKUHACHI · One Sound One Life is released, and nationwide pre-sale starts


FM991, a music broadcast station of Shandong and Palace Cinema in Jinan jointly held “Spend Summer with Films: Music and Life” - SHAKUHACHI · One Sound One Life Review Meeting, and small concert was held at the hall of Palace Cinema before the release of SHAKUHACHI · One Sound One Life.

Featured Preview Screening Activity