Love on the Cloud

Directed by Gu Chengwei  |  Written by Gu Wei


Sha Guo (Chen He), Huang Xiaogua (Zhang Lu) and Ma Dai (Cao Lu) are experiencing the drifting life in Beijing together. The appearance of Elder Sister Ma (Wang Ji), a rich woman brings light to their career life. In order to strive for Ma’s investment, Sha Guo starts his hard journey of writing a script. Meanwhile, Chen Xi, a beautiful car model and Dog “Mo Chou” appeared in Sha Guo’s life. In order to write a good script, Sha Guo devotes everything, and Huang Xiaogua and Ma Dai also try to help him. In order to win love, Sha Guo does everything for Chen Xi; Huang Xiaogua also encounters pure Xiao Qing (Jiang Ruijia) and is gradually possessed by love… In the changes of this MicroAge, surprise is everywhere.

This film is the transformation directed by Gu Changwei, and Jiang Wenli, Wen Zhang, Jiang Wu and Gu Changwei all appeared in the film as guest performers.

Video Materials

October 16, 2014  Instructions of “Wei Nan” in Love on the Cloud

October 16, 2014 Instructions of “Wei Nv” in Love on the Cloud