The Legend of Hei

Directed by: MTJJ  |  Written by: MTJJ


In the bustling human world, there are many fairies hiding in it, who live with humans peacefully. Cat Fairy Luo Xiaohei starts wandering here and there after its home was destroyed. During this journey, other fairies appreciating each other and the harmonious and inclusive fellow humans appear successively. As a result, Xiaohei is in a dilemma, wondering where it on earth belongs.

The film The Legend of Hei earned a 313 million Yuan at the box offices, ranking third among the non-infant Chinese animated cartoons in 2019. The rating of the original drama series on is 9.6 and its view counts in the whole network exceeds 400 million, so it has a huge fan base. So far, the Chinese 3D animation has been widely recognized by the general public, and the film The Legend of Hei shows to the viewers that the Chinese 2D animation is equally excellent. Therefore, in the advance publicity, we strive for differentiation, making the views find that the Chinese 2D animation also has the first-class production level.

As a cute 2D animation drama series with a cat as the leading role, The Legend of Luo Xiaohei has a specific fans circle. In view of this, we took the strategy of “circle breakage”. In the two-dimensional circle breakage, we strived for precise touch in both online as the main front and the offline chinajoy event. In this stage, in cooperation with the well-known dubber Shuang Wang , we held a special live broadcast about Luo Xiaohei on, whose view counts reached nearly 650,000. In the three-dimensional circle breakage, we tried to cover such basic audience as the young, the cat lover group, the female, and home viewers. In cooperation with Huang Bo, Zhou Bichang, Zhou Shen, Li Chen and other actors, we use the star power to produce a huge voice for the film among the general public. In addition, we comprehensively carried out cooperation with new media channels, called people to pay attention to stray cats, and established various viewing venues and other cross-industry business media cooperation in a down-to-earth manner.

At the preview screening stage, two rounds of preview screening were put on before the formal release. From the small-scale test to the large-scale screening, it had a high attendance and good WOM. The two rounds of preview screening also made the film begin to win WOM before release, making a full WOM preparation for the release of the film. After the film was released, it won an initial rating 8.7 on, breaking the highest record of initial rating of animated films. 

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The Preview Screening of The Legend of Hei with a Great Healing Power Attracts an Unprecedentedly Large Number of Viewers

The Legend of Hei is Released during the Mid-Autumn Festival with the MV Good Night, Meow

The Promotional Theme Song MV by Zhou Bizhang of The Legend of Hei is Released, and the Third Round of National Preview Starts


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