Beijing Love Story

Directed by Chen Sicheng | Written by: Chen Sicheng


Shen Yan (Tong Liya) born in 1980s and Chen Feng (Chen Sicheng) are two drifters in Beijing. Shen Yan is pregnant before marriage. When they are preparing for marriage, Shen Yan’s ex-boyfriend Fang Hongjiang (Geng Le) appears suddenly, satisfying the years’ wish of Shen Yan. Wu Zheng (Wang Xuebing) who is a love master and also a good friend of Chen Feng, and his wife Zhang Lei (Yu Nan) has always led a calm life. However, when Zhag Lei learned that her husband had a love fair, she called her boss Liu Hui (Liang Jiahui). In Greece, Jia Ling (Liu Jialing) are having a love affair stealthily in Santorini. During the game of Truth Or Dare, they are suddenly asked the greatest secrets.

Lovers in different stages of life are faced with their own love troubles. In Beijing, the most familiar and unfamiliar city, when dreams come true, love is encountering the cruelest reality.

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January 5, 2014  Beijing Love Story Viral Video

January 11, 2014 Beijing Love Story MV