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We encourage all team members to take an active part in the entire company life cycle, no matter what your position is, as long as you have ideas, you are free to express them.

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As long as you have suggestions for the process, you can speak out arbitrarily. We will always provide you with the platform and the space to display your fantastic ideas and outstanding abilities. We will also try our best to provide you with the best resources to help you grow and fly.

Joy Sounds-Manager

Job Description:
1、Formulation of artists development strategies and signing plans
2、Formulation, enforcement and supervision of artists publicity plans
3、Expansion and maintenance of film and television, variety and business project for artists
4、Explore new singers and actors, formulation of courses and evaluation standards for new artists
Job Requirements:
1、At least 5 years experience in operation management
2、Know the whole process of artist operation and the entertainment industry
3、Rich resources in film and television, variety, business and media industries
4、Outstanding communication skills, strong execution, strong resistance to pressure
5、Have a strong aesthetic, music and script have a strong ability to judge

Joy Sounds-Short Video Operation

Job Description:
1、Responsible for the operation of Tik Tok and other short videos to produce video content that younger users like.
2、Responsible for the material collection of short video content, formulate the operation and promotion plan of Tik Tok and other short videos, and adjust the operation plan according to the problems in short video operation;
3、Independently complete the creative planning, shooting and editing of Tik Tok and short videos.
Job Requirements
1、At least 1 year experience in short video promotion and operation, familiar with the rules of mainstream short video platforms;
2、With great imagination and creativity, can produce creative materials fitting the time hot spots, interested in short videos, with the ability of short video shooting and editing, it is better to have created works with a certain amount of dissemination;
3、Proficient in using various short video production and editing softwares, be able to edit different types of films;
4、Love music, have the teamwork ability, strong ability to work under pressure, practical and motivated partner;

Joy Entertainment-Mini Programs Operation

Job Description
1、Responsible for daily operation of mini programs, page optimization, organizing and analyzing operation data;
2、Responsible for promotion, operation, purchase and transformation of WeChat mini program matrix, and responsible for user data;
3、Responsible for the promotion and gameplay of mini programs, formulate optimization strategies and explore the fission mode of mini programs promotion;
4、Follow up the promotion effect of mini programs, formulate the operation strategy related to user growth and retention, feedback data monitoring and analysis.
Job Requirements:
1、Be familiar with WeChat operation system;
2、Have experience in mini programs operation, who participate in mini programs on-line work is preferred;
3、Have good teamwork spirit, love learning, active thinking, good at communication, with work responsibility and initiative;
4、Have the basis of artistic drawing, who can use PS and other image processing software is preferred;

Joy Entertainment-IP Authorised Manager

Job Description:
1、Develop downstream customers with copyright requirements for company IP storage. Responsible for formulating IP derivative authorization cooperation plan, business negotiation and contract signing;
2、Follow up the planning, design, proofing production, publicity, distribution and sales of the authorized products, control the product quality and cooperation standards, and be responsible for the implementation effect;
3、Expand the authorization cooperation in more fields, including but not limited to packaging and marketing authorization, especially the first-line brands in the fields of fast-moving consumer goods, stationery, clothing, catering, etc;
Job Requirements
1、More than 2 years working experience in IP derivatives authorization;
2、Love the animation industry, and have certain thinking on the authorized realization model of Chinese animation IP.
3、Have a keen market sense in animation derivatives, familiar with the craft and development process of various derivatives;
4、Have certain design ability or who have first - line brand resources is preferred.

Joy Entertainment-Sales Manager

Job Description:
1、Responsible for expanding and connecting with brands, dealers and suppliers;
2、Responsible for developing joint and customized products between IP and brands;
3、According to the company development strategy and business needs to carry out business expansion in various e-commerce platforms;
4、Be able to communicate and cooperate with platform operation department and product department;
5、Complete issues assigned by the leader.
Job Requirements:
1、College degree or above, proficient in Excel and other office software operation, e-commerce, English major is preferred;
2、Familiar with cross-border e-commerce and retail industry, at least 2 years relevant working experience, have experience in purchasing is preferred;
3、Work actively, have a sense of responsibility, have good communication skills and learning ability;
4、Great learning ability, clear logic, good communication and coordination skills;
5、2 years or above work experience in e-commerce channel development, requires brand resources;
6、Work with planning and forward-looking, can work under high pressure independently and effectively;
7、The job holder of e-commerce platform is preferred;
8、Adapt to short-term business trip

Joy Entertainment-New Media Operation

Job Description:
1、Responsible for making operation and work plans for online media such as WeChat, Weibo, Headlines, Tik Tok etc;
2、Responsible for daily update, management, topic and event production of official WeChat, Weibo, Tik Tok and other online media, to increase fan interaction and stickiness;
3、Responsible for planning, editing and producting the promotion of related activities, products or special events;
4、Guide and answer questions asked by fans, track the operation effect of weibo/WeChat, collect and analyze data, and conduct summary, analysis and report in stages.
Job Requirements:
1、Bachelor degree or above, major in Chinese, advertising, news, at least one year work experience in new media operation;
2、Creative thinking, good at writing, familiar with the characteristics of network language writing is preferred, love the Internet, interested in new things and events, have a certain innovation ability;
3、Fluent writing, rapid execution, creative, good at integration, can write articles independently, good at various writing styles (literature, prose, in-depth long article, etc.);
4、With new media and social marketing channels and resources are preferred;

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